March 25, 2008


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I am supposed to be studying, unfortunately however, I cannot pull all my will and want together in order to bring myself to do so. I find myself dwelling upon thoughts that had been craftily wrapped in a muslin cloth and buried underneath all the other concerns that stand to be of higher importance to my life. Distractions, I tell you. For one thing, I keep mulling over what I would plan to pursue in the coming years of my life--whether I should deviate from the mainstream and completely push myself into media (a subject I've had my eyes on for quite sometime), or whether I should probably take up a course abroad on dance and theatre.

I've always found my life gravitating towards the creative field. My mind is imaginative, I love movement--facial and bodily expressions, and since childhood I have had the inborn inclination to write and express. However, as honest and surprising as this may sound, even if I do take up English at a post-graduation level, where will I go with it? I do not see myself becoming an English professor, standing in front of a large army of moronic teenagers and trying to work with them. Even the mere imagination of such a situation seems humourous. I for one, cannot be strict--and though I am aware that there are teachers who are not strict and are still capable of teaching, it is something I cannot fashion myself into doing.

Moreover, a three years course in English Literature has taught me that though I love the subject, I absolutely cannot learn the texts, quotes and what have you not--it's simply unacceptable by my character and my intellect dissuades me from enjoying such liberties.

So the question thus proposed is, what next? Though I do continue to ponder on such matters, I am also conscious of my responsibilties towards my immediate present: studies. I must therefore, do nothing whatsoever in order to disrupt my concentration.

Must. study. Must.


March 19, 2008

Confidently, Indian

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Today, my mom sat down with me (you know, those mother-daughter conversations one indulges in every now and then) and gave a detailed experience of her ride in those new, perfectly painted 'green' buses that have been transporting Delhites all over the City.
The description was hilarious, considering she mimicked those individuals who accompanied her on a ride to CP--I couldn't take her personally, since my mother decided to visit her mum unexpectedly, and without a forewarning walked out of the house in complete enthusiasm while I was lost in my yoga session..

So anyway, the women on the bus were apparently comical creatures, really--my mother described one scene where one woman confidently went and sat on the bus' gear box (as many usually do on the normal DTC buses), and when the driver asked her to move, she refused to budge and replied in a rather crude fashion:

tu bas apni bus chala, mera khayal mat kar'
(You just drive the bus, don't worry about me).

Next, my mother lamented on the fact that though the DTC bus drivers have been given fashionable new buses to drive, with commendable state-of-the-art facilities, the poor chaps are oblivious as to how to work with these technologically advanced buses... The driver of the bus mum was travelling in had no idea as to when to open and close the doors in time... While ascending the stairs of the bus in order to get down, a lady's saari got stuck in between the doors due to the untimely act performed by the driver who abruptly closed the doors. What ensued was an unpleasant exchange of dialogues between the two, punctuated with a few 'rude' remarks here and there...

Entertaining? O boy, yes! The way my mom was narrating the entire episode threw me in fits of laughter, and considering she writes and is a story-teller, she did a brilliant job of communicating the events of her day to me, leaving me absolutely impressed.

I am yet to travel in these buses, but rest assured, I am honestly well-prepared for them. Let's see, next trip to college--I am definitely counting on public transport!


March 15, 2008

Full Circle

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Honestly, I really don't know how to begin this post.. Was on the phone with a friend today.. We just realized (moment of epiphany) that we will be going to our college for classes for the
last time on Monday, and the knowledge of this completely threw us into a fit of hysteria. Now, I am an emotional freak, so it's understandable if I find myself falling back on memories and remembering the past three f-ing brilliant years of my life... My friend on the other hand, is one who barely gets attached to anything and hearing her feeling low about leaving college was something I was completely not prepared for...

People enter your life for a reason... They have a purpose, a role to play to your existence... once that purpose is achieved, they head out... either abruptly, or the process is extremely slow... It depends on how you want them to leave... Some, however just stay..

Honestly, I adore my friends, and knowing that I wouldn't be seeing them everyday from Monday onwards, wouldn't be famously standing under the sun at Sat. Nik desperately waiting for chicken rolls, or wouldn't be making spontaneous plans to travel off to random places with absolutely no money in our pockets--overwhelms me with a feeling of discomfort.

It's disconcerting, really.. Somehow, everything that was constant and stable in my life seems to be dismantling itself... Now I can't say I wasn't prepared for it, I mean, I knew that this phase in my life was going to come--just didn't know it would come so early. Hmm.. sounds cliched, doesn't it?

I see the books gathering dust on my shelve, and I have lines to read before I sleep... Memories creep into the present and I sit starring into the green wall, enraptured by my past.

Honestly, I feel sad that my college life has finally come to an end... but then again, something needs to end in order for new things to begin... that's what life is about, until it completes a full circle.

College ends here R, grow up love.

March 1, 2008

Bumping My Way Through

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Let's see now... the other day a few of my friends came up to me and enquired why I hadn't written anything recently? Hmm.. good question. Honestly, I have nothing to write upon. No, no, don't give me that grin now, it's true.

Wonder if this may suffice--
The other day, I encountered a driving disaster: Now I know that on speed-breakers, one must slow down. I did... however, I wasn't slow enough for the speed-breaker to grant mercy and allow me to pass in a respectable fashion. I was at 35 kms/hr, and this baby was huge--you can let your imagination play for the rest of the events that ensued.

I was extremely slow thereafter at every speed-bumper, driving my car carefully. However, even after such an event, I still stand to say that I am improving and turning out to be a pretty decent driver. In fact the other day, my brother, who usually doesn't compliment me on anything, gave me a thumbs up for my performing skills in the driving arena.

Well, what can I say? Live and learn my friend, live and learn.

Yesterday however, I did enjoy a good home-cooked meal of chicken drumsticks immersed in gravy, baby corn-broccoli (stir-fried) vegetable mix along with some deliciously and geometrically circled (mind you) rotis. Yes, an interesting combination I must add. This treat was made by my friend as a token of admiration and portrayal of deep respect and immense gratitude towards me... In other words, the meal was made in my honour. Naah, not really. That woman doesn't even give a damn, I just wrote all this to massage my ego and feel happy about myself.

However, my friend loves to cook and it was indeed a delicious meal, at the end of which, I did promise her that she'll be the official caterer for my marriage (irrespective of the fact that I do not intend on marrying in the next seven to eight years! Yes, disheartening, isn't it?)

After the lunch we watched Russell Peters on Utube--an absolutely adorable and amusing fellow, who has the potential to throw anyone off their chairs in a fit of uncontrollable laughter. For those of you who haven't see him perform--honestly, you are missing out on something. I have always been a Peters fan, and yesterday was one of those days that made me adore him even more!

It was a good day indeed, two thumbs up to the girl with the curly hair!
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