February 23, 2008

Hit Me With Another

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I should stop eating ice.

If one is high, water stabilizes you. Now, I am aware of that fact. However, it is highly likely that when one is high, one must muster up all the sense he or she has left in one's head to realize that ice is water as well. My point being, here I was letting my hair down, swaying my head to the music, voicing inane lyrics which didn't even correspond to those which were playing, was down two Screwdrivers and two Long Islands, when suddenly I had the habitual urge to munch on ice. Corollary to that, the drinks began to betray me, the tipsy-ness began wearing off, and my senses began to regain their strength. Not fair, I say.

I should stop eating ice.

Did you know though, that at Pebble Street, the buggers have started playing 'mast' hindi songs as well? Though earlier I protested, I realized that this New Friend's Colony pub hits the perfect note when it comes to blending Hindi mu-gik with the Angrezi. Well, needless to say, I enjoyed. Maybe it was the music, maybe it was the booze... Or maybe honey, it was just me ;)


February 7, 2008

Soul Speakth

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An image of a forgotten reflection which earlier sparkled through my kohl-lined dark eyes. The girl who would swing her arms merrily in the gardens which embraced The Habitat Centre, or the one who would not think twice before munching on those road-side bhel puris at CP, or even gol-gappas for that matter; who would sit at any cafe and just smile to herself at the very thought of a Latte or a Cappuccino; who would dream of plays and consider them to be better than life, or the one who would love to sing, even though she knew she wasn't good at it, but still hit the wrong notes because she didn't give a damn.

The girl who walked the roads of Delhi nonchalantly in her chappals with and her famously loved jhola placed daringly on her shoulder; who smirked sheepishly everytime the wind whispered in her hair--Me, a girl who just didn't give a damn. Just didn't.

One can be happy within oneself, you say. It is true. I am a better person now :)


I am reading Walcott. Flirting with Neruda. Indulging in secret affairs with Eliot. My imagination finds me in better spirits. I doodle when lost in thoughts, scribbling poetry on abandoned sheets of yesterday.

I make tea for mom, coffee for my soul, make conversations for relaxation, and study for....? sigh, numbers, marks, a f-ing first division?

Answers, anyone?


P.S. It is 1 in the morning. I am terribly sleepy. If, pray you, you do notice certain grammatical errors, do ignore--they are errors exisiting only to remind us that we humans are immensely flawed. Oh, and good morning.


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February 5, 2008

Simple Words

Read something about me today: This m
ade me reconsider who I am.

I am loved, and now I know.
"... it is possible to live within one's own self."

February 2, 2008

Three Years of Living

College shall end, soon.

It's funny, my past three years have been a dream, really. You know that phrase right? Living in a bubble... Well, I suddenly realized, it's all true. Never thought college would end, never felt life to be so unstable, so uncertain. Never.

My final year has been.. well... I have ambiguous emotions towards describing it.

Honestly, I completely ignored my friends during my third year... as a result, they distanced away from me--it was my fault, and I am not shying away from admitting it. Although, recently when I began hanging out with them again, I realized what I was missing out on. Fuck, these guys are brilliant, beautiful people--people whom I absolutely adore, and I missed one entire year out without them. I am repenting being without them for so long. And I shall repent, for the rest of my life.


The other day my dramatics society, Verbum, gave us seniors our final farewell. They sent us custom-made invitation cards, indulged us to delicious chocolate cakes,made a movie on our memories in Verbum through a string of photographs with music in the background, and made sure we felt loved, wanted, and terribly missed. Verbum is a family, and will always be one.


Memories remind you of the good times, yet weaken you at the same time. My college: I have lots of memories attached to that yellow-red educational structure. Honestly, coming from a girls school and entering the grounds of my college, made me realize that I had the capacity of making loads of friends. So, I made lots of friends; lost many too, but what makes me happy is that, they were there at some point or another, to make me feel special. Wanted.


This is indeed one of my most emotionally charged posts.

College has ended.

End. Finis.