November 6, 2008


Written and Directed by Morgan Spurlock
Genre: Documentary/ Non-fiction

The documentary opens with a bunch of children happily chanting, “McDonald’s, McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut! I like food, you like food, Kentucky Fried Chicken and A Pizza Hut!”

No prizes for guessing what this film is all about.

This documentary is a shocker. If you want to know how ‘happy’ you can get with a McDonald’s 'Happy Meal', this film is a must watch! The documentary is a journey of a man, to prove to the world that eating high-cholesterol food products almost every day, is indeed injurious to health. He takes it upon himself to completely detract from his healthy Vegan lifestyle, and take a detour to the big bad world of McDonald’s.

Set in New York, Morgan Spurlock explains how obesity in America, is second to smoking as one of the major causes to preventable death and innumerable illnesses. In 2002, a bunch of Americans sued all the fast-food companies, blaming them for their obesity and related illnesses. This film is Spurlock’s experiment to find out how much role do fast-food joints (like McDonald’s) play in contributing to an individual’s body weight (and size).

Spread over a period of 30 days, the camera tracks Spurlock’s fatalistic plunge into a strictly high-cholesterol diet (eating Mc onald’s products three times a day), with absolutely no amount of exercising. It investigates how this approach to life adversely affects an individual’s work progress, his mental frame of mind, including the physical relationship with his partner.

The documentary functions as a proof to how unhealthy-eating, does (surprisingly!) ruin your body, increasing your chances of diabetes, heart attacks, liver failure, and other fatal diseases. In under a month’s duration, Spurlock had actually put on a horrifying 20 pounds, proving to the world (and to McDonald’s food joints), that their food products are not human friendly at all!

I rate this film 8/10. It is DEFINITELY, one heck of a film to see.