June 17, 2007


I want you to write my name in the dark, with a sparkler!

Okay… but why with a sparkler?

Because others things are boring. Some people tattoo their darling's name on their shoulder; others have it engraved on their tombstone. But I… I want you to write my name in the dark with a sparkler.

Hmm… but why in the dark?

Because a sparkler won't sparkle in light stupid! Then writing my name would be pointless…

Okay… so tell me, what is the point in writing your name?

You ask a lot of questions…

I'm curious…

About what?

About who we are… and what do names have to do with us?

Names give us an identity…

I thought personalities did that…

Argh! Does it really matter what names do?



Because you want me to write your name in the dark with a sparkler…

Yes, that's precisely what I want you to do.

But… why your name?

Because you love me and you can't just write anyone's name in the dark with a sparkler!

A moment ago I thought you said that names don't matter.

Well, there are exceptions…



I'm bored.

Are you saying that this conversation means nothing to you? That I mean nothing to you?

No, I'm just saying that I'm bored.

Are you trying to fool around with me?

Sadly, I think by the time we are done with this conversation, the only thing I'll be 'fooling around' with will be the sparkler…

Anyway chuck that… you in the mood to do it then?

Do what?

Write my name in the dark with a sparkler!

Oh… you're still on that…

What else do you expect me to be on?


Argh! Men! Just think about themselves all the time!

Oh! Forgive me Mother Teresa!

Do you really want to start a fight right now?

No, that's your job.

Uff! This conversation isn't going anywhere.

I'm sorry, did you actually think this conversation would go somewhere?


Where? Timbuktu?

This is not funny. I know why you're doing this. You don't love me anymore.

Oh god.. Here we go again…

You don't care about my feelings, or what I want, or what makes me happy. Sarcasm… that's all you know. You don't know how to love, how to-

Enough! I can't take this anymore! I'm going!


To write your name in the dark with that bloody sparkler!


June 7, 2007


Remember the time when we were in love?

When the days collapsed into nights, where the roads chased dragonflies, where rain danced on roof tops, where the mountains echoed sunrise ~ it was the season of mistletoes.


When we ran wildly after rainbows, when the trees wore the colours of olive and bronze, when the sun bathed the sky red, and your eyes sang poetry.

Or the time, when we lay naked on the grass, entangled like the roots of an oak tree, breathing into each other, while your fingers teased my skin, touring the outlines of my body, snaking the curves, as you blanketed me with your kisses.

Remember? I'm sure you do, for that's all I have to offer. Memories.


Genre: Prose Poetry