August 12, 2010


So you took your shoes and left...

Riddled streets
Converse with time,
Lusting for that aging night, once more:

The night crouches over the city, tucking her bridal skirt in
As her hungry mouth licks on the silenced statues--
The wolves welcome their kin.

Her eyes search for my moronic lover;
As the moon wanes behind the cloudy sheets
She pants, as her breath embraces the wailing rivers
And wraps her body around the yellow streets

Insects seethe in her underbelly
As the dancing leaves blow back her hair
She lashes her tongue at the vengeful windmills
There, screeches in anger, the bicorn mare.

And the wind mourns in misery
And the raven seeks its prey
Bianca’s nightingales sing in the distant, while
On the riddled streets, the night snakes her way

And though this graveyard will have another visitor,
And our visitor will stay,
"His epitaph will be written in blood", she whispers,
"For his is the soul who betrayed"



Anonymous said...

Yeah he picked up his shoes, as he left, pouting a kiss from distance, watching your prone layer on the firm earth bed. Musky, dewy, heavy breathing, all that still hung in the air, or was it just in his head.

Spiring lust holding him, holding on conspiratorially.
Your smell, it just clutched, spiraled, lingered. Lead for legs, insipid irony, he mused & chose the way, strolling away.

Not that he ever wanted to leave,
but nature's cyclic, He'd say,
He just wanted to be tagged a betrayer,
That option was just not to be forsaked.

Though, there will be other visitors,
And they'll dig their minds..grave but high on your sake,
He leaves with the shovel & a grave uncovered,
"For the soul who never betrayed".

five_silver_rings said...

Stop crouching in the shadows, and come forth. Who are you, pray tell?

Anonymous said...

Nobody who you know, but i knew that poetry, It had the shrill & softness of a melody.
Crouching in the shadows is not for effect, but taking a name obscure, is simply temerity.

You write very well. Kudos to that.

five_silver_rings said...

Thank you, but I have you know that I do like reading other's work as well. If you ever have the spirit to share, I'd be happy to read your work too.

Anonymous said...

that sounds very nice :o) I'd like to share certainly, tho i am pretty much an ignorant average.
What else you find yourself engaged in, besides writing & what do you do to carry on with the days & nights?

five_silver_rings said...

Send me something. We shall talk then :)

Anonymous said...

thought i did already, wrote something on your other poem "The Traveller" I've met people of different colors...was waiting for a re-post.

Also, you did not say of your whereabouts & interests!

You got to be on email lol ;) what may be the address then?

oxy_moron said...


Anonymous said...

Missing in action aaru?

five_silver_rings said...

Anon: Erm, yes.

Anonymous said...

HNY. B'lated...pushing you on to keep writing.

five_silver_rings said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks. I've actually scootered over to another blog:

Transferred some of the stuff there. Let me know what you think of it.

Also, do let me know who you are.